Care Instruction

These care instructions are to ensure that your pieces stay clean and in one piece.
*** They may break if not treated with care ***
For Earrings, Necklace & Hair Clips: 
General Care: Remove earrings from the earring cards gently. Do not put too much pressure on the pieces. Please remove the earrings before Swimming. Store in a container to avoid earrings surface being scratched from sharp objects.
Cleaning: Use a lint free/microfiber cloth to safely clean all acrylic types. Please do not use windex on other materials or materials with paint. Avoid using alcohol or any aerosol products to clean the earrings.  
Traveling with your pieces: Please put earrings in a protective case when traveling.
For Epoxy Acrylic Keychains: 
General Care: Acrylic keychain has a layer of protective film, please remove it before use. Do not soak the keychain in water for a long time. Avoid using alcohol to clean the keychain.