About Us

Hello! We are the creators behind Sunnie Creative!

Collage of Pictures: Sunnie Creative's Founders, Behind the scenes pictures, their assistant cat, Bao, Theie earring designs


Sunnie Creative LLC is a family-owned business run by two sisters, Yue and Rui, and their mother, Amy. They discovered their love for polymer clay in August 2020 and have been exploring different materials ever since. They now create wearable acrylic art and enjoy sharing their passion with the world. Sunnie Creative aims to bring joy and confidence to customers through their colorful and playful jewelry.

Founders of Sunnie Creative from left to right: Amy, Yue and Sunny
Left to Right: Amy, Yue, Sunny

Yue, also goes by Tiffany, loves art, especially drawing and painting. She has been doing art since she was little. She studied Graphic Design at Loyola Marymount University in LA. Before/during Sunnie Creative, Yue worked as a in house Graphic Designer. She is happy that she gets to work with different materials and be more creative for Sunnie Creative.

Rui is currently in high school. She loves making arts and craft during her free time. She is also a great golfer. In between school and practice/tournaments, she loves making clay earrings and sharing them with you. 

Amy started making clay earrings after seeing how much fun her daughters are having with it. She quickly fell in love with the material, and she is the master mind behind all the beautiful and delicate floral styles. 

Together, they are hoping to create wearable art that will bring sunshine and colors to your day.


Thank you for coming on to the journey with Sunnie Creative🌻